Analyzing Learning Path usage and effectiveness

Two new reports offer Admins insights into the usage scale of comprehensive educational programs based on Learning Paths.

Learning Path Progress Stats

In the Analytics tab, locate the Academy Overview section. Find "Learning Path Progress Stats" to quickly summarize the popularity and user progress across multiple learning paths. Utilize filters to narrow down specific learning paths and learner groups for analysis. Confirm data subsets by selecting the "Update" icon.

Check the summary of paths popularity and progress 

Review the count of learners enrolled in the included learning paths. Identify the number who initiated and successfully completed these paths. Analyze the average progress achieved across the selected paths.


Note: The data in all columns, including the average progress calculation, reflects only the attempt with the highest progress achieved by each learner in a specific path.

Multiple Learning Path Analysis

Navigate to the Learner Activity section in the Analytics tab. Access the Multiple Learning Path Analytics Dashboard to view all learner attempts within specific learning paths.

Apply filters for targeted data selection 

Utilize path name, learner's name/email, groups, attempts date range, and progress filters to refine data selection. Enterprise customers only can use property filters.


Note: The attempt filter is based on completed learning path attempts or, if incomplete, the date of learning path enrollment.