Analytics Alerts

Be up to date with your data and set up customized alerts for your analytics.

⚠️ This feature is available in the Enterprise plan only ⚠️

What are Alerts?

Alerts are a form of automated, query-based reports sent to your email when the set of conditions is met. These threshold-based notifications can alert you about important changes in reporting data so you always stay informed.

Where can I set up the Alerts?

Alerts can be set up in many different reports and dashboards.


A full list of available alerts:

Reports with available alerts

Data points eligible for alerts

School Activity

Learners Invited, Learners Activated, Learners Active, Average Time to Activate, Learners Invited Analysis, Learners Activated Analysis, Learners Active Analysis

People Leaderboard

# of Progressing Learners, # of Learners Finished, Average Progress

Course Progress Stats

# of Learners Enrolled, # of Learners in Progress, # of Learners Finished, Average Course Progress, Average Time To Completion

Single Course Analysis

# of Total Enrollments, # of Learners in Progress, # of Learners Finished, Average Progress, Average Time to Complete,

Single Quiz Analysis

Average Time, Average Attempts, Average Score, Median Score, Average Progress, Question Analysis(% of Correct Answers), Score Distribution


How do I set up an Alert?

Pick the metric you want to associate the Alert with and click on the bell icon in the top right corner. You can also apply filters to the alert so make sure your filters are selected prior to setting up the Alert.


After clicking on the bell icon, a setup window will open.

Add conditions for your Alert, and how often the system should check for those conditions.


Now it’s time to name your Alert and save changes.


After saving the Alert with all applied filters, you will see a list of all active alerts on that dashboard. You can also add more Alerts.