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Creating course bundles in Shopify

You must have the course bundles feature enabled before moving forward with the steps below. Click here to request access to Shopify bundles.


Step 1

In Shopify, click Products.


Step 2

Click Add product.


Step 3

Title your product, add a description that details the courses that are included in the bundle, price your product, and add an image. Click Save product.


If your catalog is currently live, uncheck the box next to Online Store before saving to hide the bundle until you're ready for it to go live.


Step 4

On the same page (bundle product page), copy the product number at the end of the URL. For example, this URL (https://YOURSTORENAME.myshopify.com/admin/products/559435389) has a product number of 559435389.


Step 5

In Northpass, open each course that is included in the bundle, click Settings, and paste the id under Shopify Bundle IDs. Click Update Course at the top right. Repeat this step for every course in the bundle.


If you have courses that are part of more than one bundle, you can add multiple Shopify Bundle IDs in the aforementioned field separated by commas.