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Gainsight CS

Understand how to enable and configure the Gainsight CS integration.

ith a Northpass + Gainsight CS integration, customer learning data can now be used as an automated input that gets incorporated into a customer's overall health score. Data points like course completion rates and course progress can now be used.


Using the Northpass + Gainsight CS integration, you can:

  • Evaluate course progress within a Gainsight custom object

  • Measure the impact of training on overall customer health and satisfaction

  • Leverage learning data in Gainsight rule creation to trigger internal and external actions



  • You are an Admin in both Northpass and Gainsight CS

  • You are on a premium Northpass plan or higher plan


Getting Started:

  1. Log in as a Northpass Admin

  2. Go to your Apps section

  3. Click on the Gainsight App

  4. Click Get Started

  5. Toggle the integration to ON.


    Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 2.03.41 PM

  6. After generating/obtaining API Access Key in Gainsight, enter the Access Key into the corresponding Northpass field.

  7. Obtain the Sub Domain from Gainsight, enter the Sub Domain into the corresponding Northpass field.

  8. Create a Low Volume custom object in Gainsight

  9. Add the following fields to the custom object:

    1. Name (This will be where the learner's name is populated.)
    2. Email
    3. Course Name

    4. Course Progress

    5. Learner ID

    6. Activity Completed At

    7. Activity Name

  10. Take the table name set up for the Gainsight custom object and enter it into the corresponding Northpass field.

  11. Click the Save button.

  12. A Connected status confirms that Northpass was able to authenticate with Gainsight using the Access Key & Sub Domain provided.


🚨If the custom object field is not set up as instructed in Step 9, Northpass will not be able to pass data into Gainsight.🚨