General School Settings

Customize your school's URL, Terms of Use, Customer Service Email, Course Vocabulary, School Language, and more.

Step 1

Hover over your logo at the top left and select School Settings.


Step 2

You'll see multiple options to customize here...


Site Information:

Give your school a name and define the URL you'd like to use. You can also connect your Northpass site to your own domain. Please note, for custom domains you must activate with your domain registrar.


Customer Service:

Enter an email address for learners to contact you.


Course Vocabulary:

Replace the word "course" with your own selection on your school website.



Customize the categories you'd like to apply to courses. These categories will enable easier course discovery and seamless organization of your content.


School Language:

Choose the language for your school from nearly 30 languages.


Cookie Notice:

Set a persistent cookie notice for your learners.


Dynamic login:

Dynamic login provides learners with a 2 step login flow. After entering their email address, a learner will be provided with a different option depending on their current account status.


When learners visit the login screen, they will be asked to enter their email address:


If the learner exists and has previously activated their account, they will be asked to enter their password:


If the learner exists but has not yet activated their account, they will be notified that this is the case and be given the option to resend their activation email:


If the learner does not yet exist in the system, they will be notified that their email address is not in the system:


Terms of Service/Terms of Use:

You may enable/disable requiring a learner to view Terms of Service before registering. By default, your learners must also agree to Northpass' Terms of Use when registering for an account, but you can change the URL easily to a custom Terms of Use for your company.


Privacy Policy:

Show a link to your privacy policy on signup and within the cookie notice banner.


Allow request access:

Enable request access on your school login page to allow individuals who don’t have access to request it. This is a way to push people through your funnel from your school login page to your lead generation software that will collect their information.


After checking the box to Turn On Access Request, enter the text that will appear as the Request access link on your login page. For example: "Click here to request access to [your school's name]."


Next, paste the URL users will land on when they click on the request access link. For example, the user clicks on the request access link, then sent to a marketing landing page containing a form they can fill out with their information. Upon receiving the submission from the user, you can use the 'Add Learner' button to give them access to the course.


Step 3

Click Save.