How do I use SCORM content?

The following FAQs are examples of commonly asked questions within our customer base.

Common FAQ’s


1. Which files should I zip?


Answer: Sometimes a SCORM file is successfully uploaded and processed. However, when viewing in a SCORM activity, the admin will see an error. It may be an issue where the SCORM provider zipped a folder rather than the SCORM files themselves.


For example, say the SCORM creator has a folder named SCORM File.

  • If they were to simply zip this folder and then upload into Northpass, in the SCORM activity, the admin would see an error message.

  • Instead, the SCORM provider should open the folder, and highlight zip all of the files inside:

2. What if I receive a missing manifest file error?


Answer: When uploading a SCORM file to the ​Media Library​, the upload may fail to process due to a missing manifest file. The error message received should alert you that this file is missing.


The highlighted file below is an example of a manifest file. This file may be named differently depending on which tool was used to create the file, however it usually always contains the word manifest and is a xml file.


If this file is missing, it may be due to the export settings when the file file was created. Here are instructions for creating a manifest file if the user is using Adobe Captivate:

3. My learners cannot progress through the SCORM file. Why is this happening?


Answer: To have learners progress through the SCORM file successfully, we require a few variables to be set for us in what are called SCORM events.


These variables are:

  • cmi.core.score.raw

  • cmi.core.score.min

  • cmi.core.score.max

Typically cmi.core.score.max is used to set the maximum point value, for example we will say 100. The variable cmi.core.score.raw is then used to track progress at certain milestones throughout the SCORM file. For example, you might change its value at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of the SCORM file (cmi.core.score.raw set to 25 or 50 or 75 or 100).


Our milestones then look to see what percentage the raw value is of the max value. Once this reaches the number the SCORM provider has entered in the milestone, we display the continue button.


If these variables are not being sent to us, customers will not be able to use milestones​ ​in tandem with SCORM files.