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How to Add a Timed Quiz

Timed Quizzes set a limit on how long your learners can spend within a quiz to increase engagement.

What is a Timed Quiz and Why Should I Use One?

With Timed Quizzes, you can set a limit on how long your learners can spend within a quiz. This can keep your learners progressing through content, increasing their engagement, and discouraging them from looking for your quiz answers elsewhere.


How do I Create Timed Quizzes?

Step 1

Click Content and select Courses


Step 2

Select the course you want to add the quiz to and click Add Activity, then choose Quiz


Step 3

Select your desired quiz from the drop-down menu and check the box Time limit enable a timed quiz.


Check the boxes if you want to allow learners to retake the quiz and specify the number of attempts allowed for retakes, or check the box next to Unlimited. Check the box below if you want to hide correct answers and then you will see the option of.


Changes are saved automatically.


What do Learners Experience in a Timed Quiz?

Before taking the quiz, learners are notified with the rules of the quiz on a Quiz Cover Page. Example: How many questions does the quiz have? How much time do you have to finish the quiz? This will give you a better idea to see if you are ready to take the quiz!


Once you click Begin the quiz, the timer will start. On the top right-hand side, you will see how much time is remaining for you to complete the quiz. If you run out of time, you get a notification the time is up and the input becomes disabled. At that time, you will not be able to answer the rest of the questions and you will have to retake the quiz (if that option was enabled).



Note: A quiz timer cannot be paused; ie: if you start a Timed Quiz and navigate away from the page or to another browser tab, the timer will continue to count down.


Once a quiz is completed or the timer runs out, you will see the Quiz Summary Page which will elaborate if you have answered the question correctly, incorrectly, or if you missed the question because your time was up! The timed out questions will appear in the quiz summary.