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Import Historic Learner Data into Salesforce

Take historic Northpass Learner data into your Salesforce organization to make data-driven decisions even easier.

IMPORTANT: You can import up to 50,000 records at a time. To import more than 50k entries, you can either split the CSV file, or use the Salesforce DataLoader
*When uploading the files, you might encounter an error "Cannot update record due to old timestamp."


This means, that the data you are trying to import already exists in your Salesforce (the Salesforce one is newer), and this is expected.

If you are missing the enrollment date on the contact record, you should check your Unliked Enrollments list view.


Step 1

There are two ways to access the import wizard:


Option #1

Enter & select Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find Box


Option #2

Click the Import button on the Enrollments tab list view


Step 2

Click the Launch Wizard button

Step 3

Select the Custom Objects tab & click the Enrollments custom object

Step 4

Choose to Add new and update existing records & select External id (External ID) as the Match by field

Step 5

Click CSV & then click Choose File & select the CSV you would like to upload & click Next

Note: The CSV file used here should be the CSV obtained from your data export.

Step 6

To automatically map the CSV field to the Salesforce custom fields, the CSV column headers will need to be named exactly as the custom fields. If not, manual mapping will be required. After mapping, click Next.

Step 7

Click Start Import

Step 8

You will see the total number of records that were created as a result of the import