Inactivity Nudge Emails

What they do

Re-engage learners who are enrolled in a course but haven’t completed it.

How they work

  • Sent to learners after a configured amount of days of inactivity detected in course content

  • Calculated in full days after viewing an activity in course content covered by an Inactivity Nudge

  • Can be set either for:

    • All Courses - inactivity is calculated from last viewed activity in any course that is live in the academy, or

    • Single Course - only last viewed activity of the selected course counts.

    • Only once - message will be sent once after defined number of days, or

    • Recurring - message will be sent the configured number of times (unless they become active)

      Can be set to be sent:

  • Inactivity emails go out every day at 12:00 am and 12:00 pm UTC.

  • The Courses tool, in the message content editor, allows to add a list of courses to the message. Such a list will be populated individually for each recipient of the message with the names (hyperlinks) of the actual courses in which a learner was inactive.