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Iterable Integration

Understand how to enable and configure the Iterable integration.

With a Northpass + Iterable integration, learning data is passed into Iterable as an Event. Therefore, you can use this data to trigger workflows within Iterable to further automate and personalize the user journey.



  • You are an Admin in both Northpass and Iterable

  • You are on a Premium Northpass plan or higher plan

Getting Started:

  1. Log in as a Northpass Admin

  2. Go to your Apps section

  3. Click on the Iterable App


  4. Click Get Started


  5. Ensure that the integration is toggled to ON


  6. Generate an API Key, which can within your Iterable Settings. Once generated, add this API key into the Iterable API Key field.

    🤔For additional guidance, please refer to Iterable’s support documentation on creating API keys. 🤔


  7. Select the data you would like to pass to Iterable