Legacy Analytics 101

Our Analytics tab is the core of Northpass. Learn which reports best suit your needs, and how you can leverage the data.

When taking a first glance at the Analytics tab, you'll see a list of analytics reports available. Some of the reports are available in the Legacy, Beta, and New versions. Today we will focus on Legacy analytics,


School Activity

This report gives you a holistic view of activation metrics, as well as insight into the number of users who have been active within your instance for a given time period.




Multiple Learning Paths Analysis

This report allows you to review learner progress within any learning paths they are enrolled in:






Single Quiz Analysis

This report provides you with high-level insights about how your quiz and questions are performing among your user base:




Multiple Quiz Performance

This report provides you with the scores your learners achieved on their quizzes:



Multiple Quiz Raw Answers

This report provides you with the answers learners provided in their quiz attempts:



Assignment Submissions

This report provides you with the list of learners who have successfully submitted files in Assignment activities:




Credential Achievements

This report provides a list of which learners have successfully completed a course and earned Credential certificates: