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Legacy Fountain Integration

Guide to setting up the Legacy Fountain Integration

Fountain is an onboarding software that allows companies to build and manage their network of workers. The Fountain <> Northpass integration enables the automation of workflows between the two platforms. Therefore, removing the need to manually provide course access to users and align completion data with Position progress data requirements.


After the integration is set up, you will be able to add a Northpass course to a Learning stage in Fountain. At this time, Northpass Learning Paths cannot be added into Fountain Learning Stages. Applicants are enrolled in Northpass courses and once these courses are complete, the applicants are automatically moved to the next stage within the applicant funnel.



We advise using the Open Access (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) authentication type when integrating with Fountain, other authentication options might not work as expected.

Step 1

In your Northpass account, go to Apps, then select Integrations and click Configure next to the Fountain app.



Step 2

From the Fountain configuration page, copy the Northpass API Key.


Step 3

Return to Fountain, hover over your name at the top right, and click on Integrations > Screening:


Step 4

Click the blue 'Connect' button next to Northpass.


Step 5

Paste your Northpass API Key and Webhook Secret into the Fountain stage settings:


Step 6

Copy the Fountain Webhook URL (example: https://www.fountain.com/test_account/schoolkeep_callback) and paste into the Fountain Webhook field in your Fountain App settings within Northpass.


Step 7

Once the callback and API key is set up, you will be able to assign a Northpass course to your learning stage:


Step 8

Applicants can skip the Northpass login page when coming in from Fountain. Before accessing Northpass, Fountain provides applicants with a button to take them to the Northpass course. This button is a link that should resemble:




Because the link contains all of the applicants' relevant information, onboard IQ UID, email, last name, first name, when they arrive at Northpass, our login form is pre-populated and submitted, allowing applicants to be taken directly into the course.


Step 9

You can also bring the applicant back into the Fountain workflow after completing a course.


In the Course Settings, you can customize the End-of-Course modal with a button that brings the learner back into the Fountain application flow.