Multiple Course Analysis

Learn more about your Learners’ progress with the Multiple Course Analysis Report

What is the Multiple Course Analysis Report?

The Multiple Course Analysis Report helps you understand and track your Learners’ progress throughout their courses. This detailed report includes information about the last completed activities and overall progress.


How to run the Multiple Course Analysis Report?

By default, the report will show you all activity in courses from the past 30 days. If you need to narrow down the displayed results, you can use any of the following filters:

  • Course Name

  • Group Name

  • Last Activity Date

  • Learner Name

  • Learner Email

  • Course Version

  • Course Progress

  • Show Only Empty Attempts (set to “No” by default)

  • Show Deleted Learners (set to "No" by default)

  • Learner and Course Properties — available in Enterprise plan only

The "Show Only Empty Attempts" filter displays the Learners who are enrolled but have not started their attempts. The "Show Deleted Learners" filter displays the progress of deleted Learners, with their data anonymized (like name, email, and SSO UID).

After setting your filters, click the refresh button on the right, and a new report will generate for you.


You can download the report by opening the Dashboard menu under 3 dots in the top right corner and clicking Download. You can choose the file format (PDF or CSV), and adjust some of its settings.


With our Enterprise Plan, you can also schedule this report to be delivered automatically.