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Northpass Partner Fountain Integration

All you need to know about getting your Fountain set up integrated with Northpass

📣 This integration is an update to our legacy Fountain integration. 📣

If you are interested in migrating to the updated integration, please contact your Northpass CSM or support@northpass.com.

About the Integration

Fountain is an onboarding software that allows companies to build and manage their network of workers. The Fountain <> Northpass integration enables the automation of workflows between the two platforms. Therefore, removing the need to manually provide course access to users and align completion data with the application process.


Value of the Integration

After the integration is set up, you will be able to add a Northpass course to a Learning stage in Fountain.


Applicants are enrolled in Northpass courses and once these courses are complete, the applicants are automatically moved to the next stage within the applicant funnel.


📣 Pro Tip! 📣

We advise using the First Name, Last Name, Email Address authentication type.

Setting up the Northpass Integration


Setting Up the Integration

  1. Reach out to your Fountain CSM or support@fountain.com to enable the Northpass feature in your Fountain account. Once enabled, you can move on to Step 2.

  2. Head to the Apps section of Northpass & click on Fountain.

  3. Enable the integration via the toggle.

  4. Contact your Northpass CSM or Northpass Support to obtain the Fountain Webhook URL and Account ID (you'll need this later) for your account.

  5. Once Step 3 is complete, enter the provided URL into the Fountain configuration page & click Save.

  6. Return back to Fountain and click on your account avatar in the top right corner.

  7. Select the Integrations option.

  8. Select the Screening tab.

  9. Locate Northpass & click the Connect button.

  10. Input your Northpass API Key, which can be located on the Fountain configuration page in Northpass.

  11. Input your Northpass Account ID, which will be provided by your Northpass rep in Step #3.

  12. Click Save Changes and Voilà, you are good to go!



Add Northpass Learning Stage to Workflow

  1. In the Fountain workflow editor, click the Add Stage button.


  2. Select the Create New Stage option.


  3. Configure the settings of your stage and select Northpass Partner Stage as the Stage Type.


  4. Select the corresponding Northpass course from the Stage Option Type drop-down.


  5. Click the Add Rule button.


  6. Configure the rule using the Partner Status drop-down and options to move the applicant through the workflow depending on their Northpass course performance.


    The example above will move the applicant to the next stage in the workflow if they pass & complete the Northpass course. However, if the applicant fails the Northpass course, the applicant with be moved to ‘Rejected’.

  7. Click the Save Changes button.



Custom Fountain End-of-Course Screen

Create a seamless experience for your applicants by customizing the Northpass end-of-course screen.


In the Course Settings, locate the end of course screen section and select the Return to Fountain button for the call to action destination.


Doing so will redirect the user back into the Fountain workflow following course completion.




Understanding Northpass Partner Statuses

What does Complete represent? A complete status shows that the applicant Passed the Northpass course as indicated within the applicant record.


What does In Progress represent? An in-progress status shows that the applicant is has started the Northpass course indicated within the applicant record. However, their course progress is less than 100%.


What does Error represent? An error status shows that the applicant Failed the Northpass course indicated within the applicant record.



Understanding Northpass Partner Details

When you click into a Northpass Partner Status, you'll have the ability to access the Partner Details.

Northpass will communicate the following information to Fountain as Partner Details:

How to read the Partner Details?

  • Course Name

    • Name of course used in the Northpass Partner Stage Identified.

      • In this example, that is Course 1.

  • Quiz Name & Score

    • If the Northpass course includes a quiz, the quiz name and applicant’s score will be provided.

      • In this example, that is Quiz 1: 100.

  • Course Progress

    • The % of the course that the applicant has completed.

      • In this example, that is Course Progress: 100.