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Northpass Salesforce Integration

Learn how to set up Salesforce within your Northpass account.

Step 1

Click on the App Launcher to then navigate & click on the Northpass Setup Assistant application.

Step 2

Click the Get Started button


Step 3

Navigate to Northpass to obtain your unique Northpass Application Secret.


Step 4

Within Northpass, click on the Apps tab and then click Integrations.


Step 5

Locate the Salesforce V2 app & click the Configure button


Step 6

Toggle the enablement button on from left to right, which will uncover the status of your integration as well as your Northpass Application Secret.


Step 7

Copy & paste your Northpass Application Secret & add into the associated field within Salesforce & click the Next button.


Step 8

Click the Authorize button, which will then prompt you to enter your Salesforce credentials in to serve as the authorization.


Step 9

Once the authorization is complete click the Finish button.


Step 10

You can also confirm the successful status of the integration configuration, by navigating to the Salesforce - V2 app within Northpass to confirm that a green checkmark is now present within the Integration active field.


Step 11

To get back to your Setup screen in Salesforce, click the gear in the upper-right-hand corner