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Resend Invitations to Pending Users

If users haven't accepted their invite to the school, we can resend invitations to get them up and running.

People who are 'pending' refer to users who have not accepted their invitation to join the school and created an account. You'll see 'Awaiting member registration' in place of their name.

Note: when an invitation email is resent, it will contain a new URL with a new token, which will in turn make the URL in any previous invitation emails invalid. Recipients must click on the URL in the most recent invitation email in order to access your school.

If a person was initially invited as a Learner AND an Admin/Manager, only the Learner invitation email will be resent. If you are manually adding People from within Northpass, the person's Admin/Instructor role will be activated automatically upon activation of the Learner account. If you are using URL Authentication or SSO, the person will have the opportunity to connect their Learner account to their Admin/Instructor account.


Step 1

Click People


Step 2

Click on the Actions button at the top right and select the Resend All Pending Invites link. Remember that clicking this button will resend all invitation emails to learners and instructors who have not created an account in your school.


This will send an email to all pending invitees, even if you have applied filters.