Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports with your own filters, to streamline your School management.

ℹ️ This feature is available in Enterprise plan only ℹ️


What are Scheduled Reports?

Scheduled reports allow you receive reports straight to your inbox, with custom filters and pre-set delivery times, making it easier for you to get the information you need when you need it.


How do I set up a scheduled report?

  • Select "Analytics" from the top navigation in Northpass


  • Select the analytics dashboard you would like to create a scheduled report from
    ℹ️ only BETA and New reports have the scheduling option ℹ️

  • From the analytics dashboard you've selected, configure your desired filters.

  • After setting up your filters, click the "..." in the top right corner of the table and select "Schedule Delivery" from the dropdown.

  • If this is your first scheduled report for that analytics dashboard, you will be prompted to set up schedule details. You can customize the frequency, time, format, and destination. Additionally, you can add multiple recipients of the report - even people outside of the School. You can also verify and set up filters, and change advanced options, like delivery timezone and paper size. After you set everything up, you can send a test report or save it.


  • If it's not your first scheduled report for that analytics dashboard, you will see a list of scheduled deliveries (which you can edit, or force-send) and the ability to add new reports or delete old ones.