School Activity Analytics

Get quantitative insight from your school about how many learners have been active in your account for a given period of time

What this report is all about:

This report gives you a holistic view of activation metrics, as well as insight into the number of users who have been active within your instance for a given time period.


We'll first need to specify the time period we're looking to investigate learner activity by clicking the Edit icon and selecting the appropriate filters. Click Apply.


For the selected date range and/or group you will then see the following metrics:

  • Total Learners Invited During Time Period

  • Total Learners Activated During Time Period

  • Total Learners Active During Time Period

  • Average Hours To Activation For Learners Invited During Time Period

You can select the exact period of time you would like your data grouped by selecting from the Display Data By drop-down menu.


Scroll down to analyze your charts produced: