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Search + Discovery

Organize your courses and allow learners to easily search for content across courses.

The Search + Discovery app allows you to organize your courses into categories to enable your learners to quickly and easily find content by filtering by a category and/or searching for keywords on the My Courses page.


Step 1

On the Apps - Add-ons page, click on Search + Discovery.

Step 2

Toggle the button to enable the app. Click Customize Categories.


Step 3

Enter one or more category names and click Add Category. You can return to this page any time to add more categories or edit existing categories. Once done, click Close at the top right.

Step 4

In the top navigation bar, click Content and select Courses. Open a course.

Step 5

Click on the Settings tab. Click on the Category drop-down menu and select a category for the course. Click Update Course at the top right.