Search Query Analysis Report

Understand what your learners are searching for in the academy

What is the Search Query Analysis report?

This report provides admins with valuable insights around what learners are searching for in the academy and how successful they are. It allows admins to optimize the search experience, improve content discoverability, and identify areas where additional content may be needed.

Note: This report is available for Premium and Enterprise customers only.

How to run this report?

By default, this report will show you results from the past 30 days. You can apply filters to change what data gets shown. Available filters are:

  • Group name - the name of the group(s) that learners belong to
  • Performed at - time period to include in the report
  • Origin Page - the academy page from which the search was performed
  • Query - the query searched by the learners
  • Search Results - toggle to filter based on number of results found for query

After configuring your filters, click the Run arrow in the top right. 

Interpreting the Results

search-reportThis report returns data in the following columns:

  • Query - the typed search term
  • # of Searches - the number of time this search was performed across learners
  • # of Results - the number of all unique results returned for a given query
  • # of Clicks - the distinct number of times a search result was clicked. This value has a drill down with more details about which specific results were clicked.
  • Success ratio - A search that results in a click is considered a successful search, so this ratio shows the percentage of searches that were successful

Additional Functionality

All customers using our analytics reports also benefit from the ability to sort & reorder columns, and download a CSV or PDF of this report.

Additionally, customers on our Enterprise plan can also take advantage of our Scheduled Reporting capabilities to automatically send reports to specified email addresses.