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Set up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy

Customize your school's URL with GoDaddy

For this example, we will set up the domain to be learn.myschool.com


Step 1

Locate My Products and expand the Domains section


Step 2

Click Manage DNS for the desired domain


Step 3

Click DNS Zone File


Step 4

Click Add Record near the top above where it says A (Host) and below where it says Zone File


Step 5

To add the Zone file:


  1. Choose CNAME from the dropdown.

  2. In Host, put the subdomain that you’d like to use. For this case, we put learn. You can use www, academy, or any other word.

  3. Regardless of what your domain is, enter secure.northpass.com exactly as it appears in this sentence into the “Points to” field.

  4. Set the TTL to 1 hour.

Step 6

Click Save Changes in the red bar that appears


Step 7

Update your domain in Northpass on the Settings page