Single Quiz Analysis

Gain insight on how your learners are matching up against the quiz in terms of attempts, scores, & progress.

What this report is all about:

Drill down specific insight from each quiz within your school. The Single Quiz Analysis is an interactive dashboard that visually presents what admins need to know in order to keep their quizzes comprehensive and engaging.


How to Run this Report:

To get started, we'll need to select the specific quiz we're looking to analyze.


Click the Choose a Quiz call to action button or select the quiz from the drop-down menu in the upper-left-hand corner.


Select any filters you would like to apply to the report. To make future report running faster, click the Save configuration button to input a name you would like to assign the preset to.


You can set any of the preset configurations as the default preset by dropping down the Preset menu and hovering over the configuration preset to then select Make Default.



Visual understanding of the average time, the number of attempts, score averages, and overall progress average for your quiz.


Question Analysis

See how each question matches up against one another to help you analyze if any questions need to be modified.


Came across a question your learners are struggling with? You can click on the question to be brought back to the quiz builder and make the changes you see fit.


Quiz Leaderboard

Identify your top and bottom performers across your quizzes by clicking the green arrows associated with the # of Correct Answers column.


Score Distribution

Observe the score distribution among the learners who have completed the quiz selected. Hover over the green bar within the graph to see the number of attempts.