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What is the People Center?

The People Center is the central area where you can manage all Learners, Managers, and Admins in your academy quickly and easily. You can use the People Center to do everything from adding new Learners to assigning existing Managers to additional courses.


With the People Center, a person can have more than one role. For example, you can assign Jane Smith as a learner to the 'Onboarding 101' course, which gives her permission to view the content only. Additionally, Jane can also be assigned as an Manager to the 'Product Tour' course, where she can edit content and view enrollments.


The People Center contains a table that includes information on each person in your school. The information consists of the person's identification information, role(s), number of assigned courses, number of assigned groups, registration status, the date on which they created their account, and the date on which they activated their account. You can sort or filter by any of the aforementioned details except identification information and registration status. You have the ability to export this information into a CSV spreadsheet.