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Zoom Integration

Understand how to enable, configure and use the Zoom Integration feature.

Note: This feature is for Premium and Enterprise customers only.

To use this integration, please ensure that your Zoom account supports Webinars.


1. Getting started.

  • In Northpass, go to the Apps tab and select Add-ons

  • Find and click on Instructor-Led Training

  • Click on "Connect a Zoom Account" (This re-directs to Zoom login)

  • Provide zoom credentials and hit login (re-directs back to Northpass)

  • The app is integrated and all webinars, should you have any, are downloaded and converted to Northpass Events


Note: If you wish to add multiple accounts, you may need to log out from the Northpass session within the browser before adding another account as the login session is stored in the cache.
You can also work in incognito mode. The sessions are not stored there.

You can use one account in multiple schools, however, each time you update the Zoom the changes will be reflected in the most recent school you have added the account to.

2. Using Zoom integration

  • Go to Content

  • Click Instructor-Led Training

  • If your Zoom account is linked with Northpass you should see Zoom events in the table, If you do not see them, try clicking on the Zoom filter in the table.


3. Registering for Webinar

  • Learners can access it from their main Dashboard in the School

  • Go to the Discover Events tab on your right-hand side top corner

  • Click a session or event

  • Click View and Register

  • The new registrant should be added

If you would like to verify the attendance for your Webinars, you can simply click on the "View Sessions" button


You will be taken to the detailed page where you can review your registrants

Northpass can only auto-register a Learner to a Zoom event when the following requirements are met:

  • Auto acceptance for registration request is turned on in Zoom

  • Only email and name are mandatory fields to register

4. Uninstalling the integration

  • Login to Northpass and navigate to Apps Tab and Add-ons

  • Find and click on Instructor-Led Training

  • Click on Disconnect next to the Zoom account you wish to disconnect


  • Log in to Zoom Marketplace

  • Find Northpass app

  • Click 'Uninstall"